Competitive Scholarship Ursula Populoh

  • Top: Reclaimed kimono pieces, shoulders hand-embroidered with sewing threat, decoration: found and pieced fabric pieces.
    Pants: Reclaimed and pieced fabric.
    Headdress: Reclaimed scarf
  • Top: Reclaimed and pieced fabric.   Blouse: 2-step resist dye and Arashi process.  Scarf: found 
    Top: Reclaimed, pieced fabric.  Under Skirt: 2-step resit dye and Arashi process.
    Headdress: crocheted from telephone wire.  Decoration: hand-sewn felt flowers.
  • Hat: Millinery in-class work with reclaimed and pieced fabric.  Body: felt and wire.
    Costume Top: reclaimed and pieced fabric.
    Skirt: reclaimed and pieced fabric.
  • Left: Headdress: reclaimed/pieced fabric.  Crocheted flowers.
    Vest: reclaimed fabric.  Attachments: Arashi and indigo resist dye.
    Skirts: Top: various pieces of previously worked on Arashi and Shibori resist dye.
    Right: Headdress: Various reclaimed/pieced fabric on buckram frame.
    Top: various reclaimed/pieced fabric.
    Pants:3-step Arashi resist dye. Insert reclaimed fabric.
  • Top and Pants: Various reclaimed/pieced fabric.
    Striped inserts: pieced from reclaimed scarf.
    Scarf: Reclaimed blanket.
  • Top: Reclaimed and distressed upholstery fabric.  Patches and edges from previously immersion dyed screen print and block print.
    Skirt: Panels of previously immersion dyed screen print and block print.
    Headdress: same.
    Necklace: crocheted from telephone wire.
    Bag: Repurposed unfinished and then finished embroidery.  Body of bag remaining pieces of screen and bloick prints.
  • Top:Various repurposed/pieced fabric.  Decoration: Hand-sewn felt flowers.
    Skirts: same as above.
    Headdress: Repurposed felt hat and scarf.
  • Left: Headdress: repurposed scarf.  Vest: repurposed and pieced fabric.  Top and Pants: repurposed/pieced fabric.
    Right: Headdress: Leaves: Machine-sewn silk.  Decoration: hand-sewn felt flowers.  Frame: Wire.  Scarf: Repurposed.
    Top and Skirt: Repurposed/pieced fabric.
  • Headdress: Repurposed/immersion dyed fabric on buckram frame.
    Scarf: repurposed/immersion dyed fabric.
    Top: Repurposed/pieced fabric.
    Skirts: (3) repurposed/pieced fabric.  Blueish: additional immersion dyed.  Decoration: Hand-sewn felt flowers.
  • Repurposed/pieced upholstery fabric on buckram frame.
    Vest: Repurposed/pieced upholstery fabric.
    Top: Repurposed/pieced fabric.
    Pants: 4-step Aroshi/immersion dye on repurposed and pieced fabric.