The Hive


    At MICA, designers are trained to be generalists. We are authors and producers, researchers and developers, illustrators and copywriters; we work on projects from concept to completion. To subvert this process we have formed The Hive, a highly specialized agency. Like in a bee colony, each person has a distinct, siloed role. We stay within these roles and pass our finished materials down the chain, neither discussing nor interfering with others' work. 
    For the conference, we presented our agency's website. The site shared our philosophy and described our process, talking a bit about each of our specialists.
    A collaboration between: Kirby Matherne, Jackie Littman, Emma Sherwood-Forbes, Ben Chemelski, Nate Gulledge, Lolo Zhang, David Lam and Nour Tabet
  • We created a shared dropbox folder with a strict schedule to follow. This is how the work was passed along each other, without looking to any folder that is before ours in the chain.