• Squished Ink. Within this series, I focus on channeling the replenishing, healthy and sustainable qualities of mental and physical space. 
  • "Ivy And"
    Charcoal, Graphite, Ink and Collaged Material 32"x 50"
  • "Chammomile And"
    Charcoal, Graphite, Ink 22"x 30"
  • "Adverse Philosophy" (1 of an 8 part series)
    Oil, Graphite, Duralar and Charcoal on Wood 5"x 8"
    Gray Text reads "Read these words, but learn from your own expierence."
    White text reads "Take me seriously, but get out there."
  • "Watershed and Delta"
    Ink on Two Sheets of Transparent Duralar 9"x 12"
  • "Into the Consistency"
    Oil Based Ink on Duralar 6"x 9"