Animations 2012-2015

  • "Dance Fever 2.0" (2017)
    An updated version of "Dance Fever 1.0" featuring the original color effects that were initially planned. 
  • "Dance Fever 1.0" (2015)
    Rotoscoped to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. The original animation called for colors shooting out everytime I moved, but the colors were cut for time. In the future "Dance Fever 2.0" will feature the colors that were originally planed.  
  • "Little Faires in Pear Trees" (2015)
    Song Written & Sung by: Myself
  • "The Adventures of Zombie & Siren"(2015)
    Siren - Myself
    Zombie - Alex Burke
  • "What Lurks on the Dark? -Kinistasis"(2015)
  • "Rotoscope of Sheillia Creas"(2014)
  • "Once Upon a Dream" (2014)
  • "Self Rotoscope" (2014)
  • "Anastasia Title Sequence"(2013)
  • "Siren of Muse" (2012)