Architecture + Industrial Design sample

  • Tryptich
    ink and graphite on paper , 18”x24” 
    graphite on paper , 18”x24” 
    graphite, watercolor and gold dust on paper , 18”x24” 
  • Visual Histories of the City: Baltimore Row House 
    pencil on paper 
  • Visual Histories of the City: Brown Center
    pencil and watercolor on paper 
    8.5"x 11"
  • The Toy project ~ Designer building blocks 
    to actively engage kids (ages 5+) in creative problem solving and decision making.
    [in collaboration with Akane Besso and Danquing Guo]
    cardboard, paper, velcro and chalk board paint 
  • Structural Study 
    bass wood and cardboard
  • Study of Peter Eisenman's House VI 
    [In collaboration with Sharon Ann]
    1/4 =1’0”