Sam Jones Competitive Scholarship 2014

  • Oscillation Pointillism: a series of 30 8"x5" drawings all generated by sound frequencies. Each drawing had a different set of variables, the tone, amplitude, and duration of the frequency being played that would determine visualy what the pen would draw on the paper. This video shows the process The vibrating pad on the bottom is conected to my subwoofer. The pen is dangling by a string. I used mostly sounds that were 20hz or lower, which is below the human range of hearing, these sounds are more felt than heard. 
  • 5hz drawings
  • 10hz drawings
  • Top row is 20hz drawings. Bottom row is 30hz drawings.
  • Entrance: An acrylic painted sound sculpture made out of wood 2'x4'6". 
  • When Entrance is fully installed I turn the lights off, and put lamps with color changing light bulbs next to each of the three sides of the piece. I put speakers inside the body of the sculpture were there is a droning sound piece I recorded that resonates from the piece.
  • Sonic Chroma: A series of 10"x1'4" paintings made with raw paint pygment and acrylic jell medium. I used airflow from sound waves amplified by my subwoofer to push the pygment onto the paper board.
  • Home-made Baritone Stringed Wooden Instrument: I carved the shape of this instrument out of a found piece of wood. I then installed tuning pegs from an upright bass. The strings are from an upright bass and a harp. I am amplifying it by using a contact microphone.