• ANNOWN is a typeface developed by Hesuh Park in 2014. Inspired by Jeffrey Dochery's Electric Wire Hustle poster, AANOWN emphasizes on the mysterious, or the "unknown". The naming of AANOWN originates from the Pokemon character "Unknown," which resembles a sans-serif alphabet. "ANNOWN" is the pronounciation of the word "unknown" in Japanese and Korean.
  • typeface // upper & lowercase, numbers, & several glyphs
    Several characteristics of AANOWN include sharp, dagger-like corners, very sof and rounded corners, gestalt principle of closure, and many perfect geometric shapes. All of AANOWN is sans-serif, and exact weight throughout.

    There were several things I encountered during the process of creating my own typeface. Lowercase are much harder than uppercase,  but what is worse than both are numbers. #’s are trick because it is quite hard to make them legible but still “original”. A lot of pages in my sketchbook were filled with feeble attempts to make something cool. I think you can see frustration in some of the marks.
    thank you
    - hp