Parkway Theatre Signage

  • The Parkway Theatre and adjoining property was recently purchased by the Maryland Film Festival for the sum of one dollar from the city of Baltimore. A multi-million dollar renovation plan has been proposed to re-develop and restore the theatre and adjoining buildings for the continuing efforts of arts recultivation in the Station North District. The theatre and neighboring structure will become home to a year-round three-screen cinema and live music venue, the offices of the Maryland Film Festival, a bar/restaurant, and assist the film programs of the Johns Hopkins University and MICA.
  • The final solution of the extrior graphic system for The Parkway endeavors to combine the three concepts of tradition, light, and vitality. The overall design of the re- developed Parkway Theatre presents a look that is contemporary, urban chic and is consistently identifiable across the juxtaposing buildings, while still paying homage to the original integrity of each structure. This solution presents the property as one whole entity, but also allows the theatre and restaurant to exist separately at the same time.