Never Ever

  • Series of panels depicting personal short story by the artist
    All panels are 6" x 12" and digitally painted
  • "She sat at the dinner table, chomping away at what I had just prepared.  Mama has been eating everything in front of her eyes lately.  It only took her seconds to devour it, along with my feelings."
  • '“Have you heard about Louise, I just can’t believe it.'
    'I know it’s incredible, how could she have let that happen?”'
  • "I hesitated for a minute, until I found the courage to tip toe up the stairs.  When I got there I hid in the linen closet, now only feet away from the screams."
  • "As she cradled the baby she whispered to me, 'I bet you can’t wait to be a mother like me one day.  It’s important you do so to keep the family going, it’s your responsibility.'
    My face turned from horror to disappointment.  All I could muster out to her was 'NEVER.”'