Crawford's Taxidermy Brand Identity

  • My great grandfather opened up a taxidermy studio in 1924 in my hometown of Hanover, Pennsylvania and eventually passed it down to my grandfather who owned and operated it until he passed away in 1998. There was never a set brand for the shop and advertisements were nothing but something typed up on a typewriter with a genaric piece of clip art attached. Fifteen years after my grandfather's death, I've chosen to explore what sort of branding could have existed for Crawford's Taxidermy while it was under his control. 

    I researched the practice of taxidermy as well as tracking down the original shop, the journals my grandfather kept that detailed every little thing about the studio, and collected some of his work and tools.

    I chose to capture the cheery personality of my grandfather and represented a handcrafted logotype to mimic the hand-done quality of taxidermy. Emphasis was put on the "EST 1924" to reassure customers of the reputation of the studio as well as bringing the generational aspect of the studio into the branding. It's where the customer's grandfather brought his deer; where his father brought his mallard ducks; where he brings his trophy fish. The hand element is also brought into textures used most dominantly in the interior of the envelope which features inked recreations of sketches found in the Crawford's Taxidermy journal.