Megabus iPhone App Redesign

  • I chose to take an existing app for the bus service, megabus, and redesign it. The current one is very text heavy and doesn't make it any easier to board the bus. I still print out emails and show emails rather than working through the clunky app and that ticket is just a string of numbers and letters.

    The app provides a more streamlined way of purchasing bus tickets. The user taps the only button in the interface to begin purchasing a ticket. The focus of the app is entirely about the process of buying the ticket and getting on the bus rather than being stuffed with excessive travel information. When tapping the plus button, there are two options: round trip or one way. This simply lets the app know whether to send the user directly back to the home screen after purchasing one ticket or if it should take them through a second screen to purchase a return ticket. Two one way tickets are the same as what the user would get if they chose round-trip.

    After the ticket is purchased, it is added to the home screen which features a list of tickets that will be used in the future. When tapping on one of the dates/tickets, the bar code is revealed that can be scanned as well as the status of the bus (on time, delayed, etc)