CONGREGATE art+faith+community

  • “CONGREGATE art + faith + community” is an exhibition and series of programs that creates shared experiences for faith-based congregations and artistic communities within the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Curated by the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice class of 2014, “CONGREGATE” establishes artist residencies within five places of worship and offers public programs in which members of each congregation can collaborate creatively. “CONGREGATE” creates a space in which artists and congregants can come together to develop a better understanding of one another—and allows spiritual sites to become active parts of the Station North arts community. 

    Beginning in the spring of 2013, participating local and regional artists met with representatives of Station North places of worship to plan the creation of new works of art. The resulting sculptures, installations, and participatory works are informed by three months of engagement between the artists and congregations. 

    “CONGREGATE” aims to help audiences investigate if there really is a disparity between contemporary artistic practices and communities of faith. “CONGREGATE” will initiate dialogue, open doorways, and create welcoming spaces, thereby contributing to a more inclusive arts district. In this project, different communities with different ideologies, relationships, and practices have an opportunity to connect and develop a better understanding of one another.

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