We the Animals
    Brian James Spies
    We the Animals, savage and dark (and like those beasts of lore and legend we sacrificed the weak to the gods of arrogance and hubris, we fought for our survival in a wasteland of plenty and we danced macabre towards our own self-fulfilling premature demise until we were no longer children of the world)
    We the Animals, wild and worn (ravaged by youth, ragged and born of darkness light we drip with human grist and bloodied by life risen like the moon we howl, howl in a world that rejects us we turn on our masters and make them enslaved, bound towards the rapture we turn away, turn away)
    We the Animals, sleek and sweet (like the blade that slit our pure, that breaks our truth, we burn, burn, burn like the fires of paradise and we are gone, forever, until our time has arrived again and we take our crown as kings of tomorrow, escape the night, escape today, we are the past, present and future)
    We the Animals, brutal and born (born, born and born anew, we rip the night and turn asunder towards tomorrow and forever, forever there is nothing more but today, we are gone and we are gone because we were never here, never heard, not to be spoken of as gods nor demon kind)
    We the Animals, deep and down (we sip from the sweet of wild fruit, wild creatures like beasts we shed our skins like serpents misunderstood, blamed for the fall of man we conquer god and bask in the reign, gilded sheen of our crown it falls but we have moved on, we are kings and queens nevermore)