• GENERATIONXXIII is a visual and conceptual commentary on a future society that does not morally limit science and is driven by two primary goals: perfecting the human race and profit. GENERATIONXXIII is a hypothetical online service that provides prospective parents with an online store stocked with genes allowing them to choose, alter, or customize their ideal child, physically, mentally, and characteristically. This service gives parents more control over the reproductive process and provides a new convenience to women as it relieves them of childbearing responsibilities. In the end, children will no longer resemble their parents and will be deemed as "perfection", but will they really be perfect?

    Below is the one page launch soon website for this hypothetical service. 

    Portrait Photography by Martin Schoeller that was featured in the National Geographic Magazine. These photos were only used for this school project.

    View images of GENERATIONXXIII posters here.

    Advisors Sandra Maxa and Jason Gottlieb