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  • Counterpunch | Contragolpe
    Stories of the Latina Fight
    A documentation exploring the lives of three Latina women, Martha, Maria and Elvira who work at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Facilities Management Department. Their fight for family and future reveals, in part, the character and trajectory of the Latina voice: Resilience, Strength and Love. 
    Videography & Media
    Filmed, edited, and translated
    Tanya Garcia
    Boxing Garment Concept and Design:
    Elvira Jesus
    Martha Guevera
    Maria Huitron
    Tanya Garcia
    Graphic and Typography Design:
    N’Deye Diakhate
    Applique Embroidery:
    April Cromelin

  • Maria, MICA Fox Building, 2013 
  • Maria, "Mujeres luchandor por un futuro mejor" | "Women fighting for a better future"
  • Martha, Main Building, 2013
  • Martha, "Por mis hijos" | "For my children"
  • Elvira, MICA Kramer House, 2013
  • Elvira, "Strong women" | "Mujeres fuertes"