• both / and
    When asked to describe myself or my personality, I often have difficulty finding the right words. Each statement that comes to my mind has a counterpart that is also true. This internal conflict caused frustration and confusion with my sense of stability in knowing myself and who I am.
    In Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I learned that two seemingly opposite things could both be true and that acceptance and change can happen simultaneously. I became fascinated by this idea that I have opposing forces within me-that these contradicting parts of me exist together, equal to one another. 
    I am smart and clueless. I am selfless and selfish. I am open and closed. I am anxious and calm. I am sensitive and strong.
    The list could keep going.
    I am not either/or. I am both/and.
    I am a collection of contradictions.
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    3 ft x 4 ft 
    canvas, thread/string, hand dyed fabric, bandaids, antidepressants,
    anti-anxiety medication, sleeping pills, sticks/branches, fake flowers
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