A Book of Insecurities

  •    We all have insecurities about our bodies that bob around in our heads, interrupting daily thoughts to remind us that we should recount how much we’ve eaten today, or force us to think of little imperfections as horrible flaws. Despite the fact that these unhealthy thoughts are a constant source of anxiety, we never really talk about them. In an attempt to bring up discussions about dissatisfaction and preoccupations with how we look and act, I created a book that talks in detail about my own personal insecurities that bother me every day. It isn’t a diary or a personal journal, but rather a tool used to communicate how I feel with the hope that someone else might relate. The idea is that if I open up, perhaps other people will as well and these body-shaming thoughts will begin to become less of a taboo subject to talk about.
  • Made with watercolor paper, watercolors, ink, strink, gatorfoam, and decorative wrapping paper
  • Additional images within the book: