Quest for the Mysterious Hatchling

  • Quest worthy adventurers prepare to embarq on a quest to see the Mysterious Hatchling. They meet their Guide - a seasoned traveler who gives each of them a protective band and some small offerings which will serve as their ticket to see the creature. (Below Olivia Tran as the Backpacker)
  • Along the way the travelers are stopped by a panicked old beggar woman. She explains that her pigeon friends have gone missing! The travelers give her some of their offerings (little gold bells) to help her ransom them. The beggar woman runs off into the distance, and the Guide cautions his charges not to trust her. (Below, Anna Wolfe as the Beggar, Olivia Tran as the Guide)
  • The Backpacker leads the adventurers through a dark tunnel, on their way to see the Mysterious Hatchling
    (Below Olivia Tran as the Backpacker)
  • The travelers come upon a beautiful garden and are surprised to see the beggar woman again, frantically searching among the bushes. "It's you!" she wails "Quick! I must find Fishelberry Root, my friend is sick!" Once again the group turns out their pockets to help the beggar, who quickly runs to the market. The guide is still suspicious of her. (Below, Anna Wolfe as the Beggar)
  • The Guide sits the weary travelers down to rest in the garden. By the fountain he tells the tale of the mountain and the river. (Below, Olivia Tran as the Backpacker)
  • The group wanders off the course and into a dark labyrinth! Just when all is lost, who should they meet? Why the beggar of course, she comes waving her hands down the tunnel "I'm lost!" she convinces the group to hand over the rest of their offerings. With the trinkets and a stick she found she is able to use her magic to set them on the right path. (Below, Anna Wolfe as the Beggar, and Olivia Tran as the Backpacker)
  • The Adventurers finally arrive, only to be turned away by the Beast Masters Apprentice, who will not let them through without their offerings. Luckly the Beggar Woman appears to help them - she was the Beast Master in disguise all along. She applauds them all for their generosity and hapily introduces them to the hatchling creature.
     (Below, Elise Collier as the Apprentice, Anna Wolfe as the Beast Master)
  • Beggar costume by Anna Wolfe, Apprentice Costume by Elise Collier, Backpacker costume by Oliva Tran, The Mysterious Hatchling by Anna, Elise and Olivia.
    Materials: Cloth, reed, bamboo, cardboard
    A collaboration and performative journey, 2014
  • Beggar to Beast Master, a quick change costume by Anna Wolfe