The Dirty Laundry

  • Sock Washer
    A garment for washing and drying dirty socks
    hamper, reed, tubing, clothesline, clothespins, dirty socks
  • Living out of the Hamper
    A quick change performance from bed to bath
    laundry basket, towel/dress garment, pillow, tablecloth/blanket, banana, sandwich, shower-poof, coat, robe, hat, pajamas, shoes, cell phone
  • What not to Wear
    A sock puppet show. When an interviewee spills coffee on her blouse only 5 minutes before her interview she goes digging for a replacement but finds fashion advice in the hamper.
    Laundry sack, clothing cloak, coffee stained blouse, ugly sweaty, slinky black dress, purple sweater, Angel sock puppet, Devil sock puppet