Jenna Gregor's Competitive Scholarship at MICA

  • Infini Tea Logo, redesign brand logo, Adobe Indesign CC, 2014
  • Coffee Pocket Guide, hand-cut paper illustrations, 10.5in X 6.5in, Adobe Indesign CC and Photoshop CC, 2014
  • Type Convention Poster, 18in x 24in, Adobe Indesign CC, 2014
  • Humanistic / Old Style spread, Photography, Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Indesign CC, 2014
  • Didot Type Specimen Book, featuring comedic text message conversations, Adobe Indesign, 2014
  • Scylla brand design product, 1 of 5 shirts, batik and shibori dye methods, 2014
  • Scylla logo stamp, 3D Printer, 123 Design and Cura, 2014
  • Spring Lake 5k Tee design, Adobe Indesign CC, 2015