The Hopkins Notebook

  • About The Hopkins Notebook
    Advising Instructor : Kristen Spilman
    The purpose of this book is to showcase a collection of scanned documents that I collected over the past 4 years of my undergrad at the Johns Hopkins University. For me, I personally have a hard time letting go of the stuff that I did while I was an undergrad. With that being said, for this project, I wanted to reminisce about the topics that I learned before I became a designer. From a huge pile of paper that includes lecture notes, homework, research papers, and exams, I scanned in materials from 9 different classes across 5 different fields of study. I then studied the visual language of each subject, and from that, I designed a set of icons for each of the 9 classes. This project provided me the opportunity to create a hybrid story where the content each page describes the Hopkins years while the handling of the content describes the MICA studies.
    Communication Arts Design Annual 56
    2015 ADAA Semifinalist in Print Communications
  • Calculus III
  • Linear Algebra
  • Computer System Fundamentals 
  • Automata & Computation Theory
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Syntax I
  • Phonology I
  • The Literate Mind & Brain
  • Foundations of Mind
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