• My Super Rad Birthday
    Poster / Invite for my 24th birthday party – 2009
  • In honor of my 24th birthday, I put my typography skills to work whipping out this poster to promote my super-rad birthday-blowout-bash of maximum awesomeness! The design was dramatically unveiled a mere 8 hours before the party when all the guests were notified via email of the surprise celebration. The party which took place at a local bar / art-space / venue involved us watching a performance by one of my then favorite Baltimore based bands Thrust Lab. Everyone also enjoyed plenty of birthday beers while sharing in birthday cheer.

    Thrust Lab is an instrumental, electronic rock duo formed by Benjamin J.A. Domanico and Samuel N. Ortiz-Payero in the fall of 2004. Both fellow graduates of MICA, they've picked up quite a following in Baltimore and beyond, thanks to their epic prog-rock inspired electronic sounds landing gently between Johann Johannssen's delicate laptop pop and Sonic The Hedgehog's rich and dynamic theme music.
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