Website redesign

  • The redesigned homepage revamped our existing slider element by adding scrapable text. Not only did this make our sliders ADA-accessible, it is also easier for content managers to access, edit and create new content on the fly.
  • A sleek, spacious and easy-to-use footer that includes value-added elements like a quick-tract to the latest issue of the university magazine, and a slider of quick facts about the institution.
  • The redesign included three template options. Secondary templates give users the option to highlight stunning photographer at the tops of their pages. 
  • All pages were built to be mobile-responsive, allowing visitors to access critical information on the go.
  • Audience pages offer users to access the site's content from a different perspective. Each audience page collects links that are commonly requested by that constituent group and displays them in a graceful, on-brand presentation.