Homemade proof press

  • P R O O F   P R E S S
  • This story of creation of homemade proof press for letterpress printing evoked from
    a really simple desire to experience this kind of oldschool printing. But having some budget issues on one hand and crazy idea of creating my own cheap yet effective printing tool lead me towards home appliance store. It is quite difficult to say what was more challenging: to design something from scratch having no engineering background at all or limited budget for this project. This or that way I've managed
    to design, build and finally test my tabletop proof press.
    P L A N / D E S I G N / B U I L D
    * * *
  • ~ Planing, measuring, sketchin ~
  • ~ Rack gear design process ~
  • ~ Lasercut sheet ~
  • Materials used:
    • x2 bearings   • PVC water pipe   • plywood   • threaded stud   • shelf  corner
    • square aluminum pipe   • screws   • bolts and nuts
  • ~ Ready to print! ~
  • ~ This is how it looks in action ~
    T E S T I N G
    * * *
  • ~ First printed image ~
  • ~ Experimenting with color blending ~
  • ~ Laser engraved wooden cliches ~
  • …experimenting ~
  • First printed business cards. The cliche was made of cherry veneer and was cut using laser engraving
  • The end