Love Thy Self: A Personal Exploration

  • Love Thy Self was my thesis project for my senior year at MICA. It took me a long time to gather the courage to do this project because it meant that I had to dig deep within myself and come face-to-face with my fear and insecurities. My He Loves Me... piece is also part of this project. Each image has a story behind it. In the end, it was the most fulfilling thing I had ever done and I was so proud of myself for sharing such personal demons of mine to the public, the my family and friends, and to myself, even. It has also been the most rewarding experience because many people have written to me saying how they can also relate to these paintings and that it gives them hope. That is the best feeling in the world.
    Body inscurities are things that EVERYONE experiences and goes through. Our society puts a lot of pressure on everyone to look a certain way and if you do not meet those standards then you are not beaultiful or attractive. We're taught this at a very young age. Loving yourself in this world is hard but it is not impossible. It's easier in baby steps and sometimes it will be alright, others you'll hate your body again. That's ok. No one is perfect but you should understand, as I am still struggling to do, that you are unique and perfect in your own way.
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