Super Rad T-shirt Concepts

  • Super Rad T-shirt Concepts
    Super Rad / Pop-culture inspired t-shirt designs – Ongoing
  • I often describe my t-shirt designs as a love born out of illustration, drawing, and experimentation with typography. I aim for my designs to reflect my creative passions, including vector-illustration, hand-lettering, balanced compositions, and vibrant colors. These ideas are often dreamt up during free time spent reveling in vintage graphics, products-and-technology from decades past, neon signage, and Americana.
    Super Rad t-shirt designs are further inspired by 80s and 90s pop-culture, retro arcade games and video games, popular toys, comic books, sports, cartoons, electronic and pop music, graffiti, fast food, my childhood, and fully-stocked shelves of kids cereal at the grocery store.
  • IMPERIAL INVADERS  |  The ultimate retro gaming experience! – 2015  |  Vote until December 14, 2015  ★ Now for Sale!
  • BMORE DELIVERY  |  Baltimore Pizza – 2015  |  Vote until July 22, 2015  ★ Now for sale in RED and BLACK!
  • BMORE REFRESHED  |  Baltimore Cola – 2014  |  Vote until September 2, 2014  ★ Now for Sale!
  • BMORE YOUR WAY  |  Baltimore Burger – 2014  |  Vote until September 2, 2014  ★ Now for Sale!
  • BEWARE OF GOD  |  Heed the sign... – 2014  |  Vote until December 14, 2015
  • ARGYLE INVADERS  |  A coin-op classic meets classic fashion – 2013  |  Vote until December 14, 2015  ★ Now for Sale!
  • ARGYLE INVADERS Skateboard Deck – The design was expanded to fit a 7- 7/8” popsicle deck, and was placed on a board as my submission to’s Third Thursday skateboard design contest for December 2014. The contest for that month called for submissions with graphics that incorporated a pattern.
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