Raggedways Typeface: Free Regular Weight

  • Raggedways is a handmade typeface inspired by the titles seen in:
    a) The trailer of “Sonic Highways”, a TV documentary series created by Dave Grohl, focusing on Foo Fighters’ upcoming eighth album which is also titled “Sonic Highways”. 
    b) The movie “Sound City”, a 2013 documentary film directed by Dave Grohl, about the history of Sound City Studios.
    It comes in 3 weights (Light, Regular and Bold), each of which features 88 character glyphs and 4585 manually kerned pairs. The handmade design gives it a raggedy appearance and adds a human element to it. Although ideally suited for music video and film titles, posters, logos, packaging and magazine covers, Raggedways is also suitable for the body text on print media and the web.
    The entire design process was executed in 2 stages. In the first stage, I drew all the glyphs with my index finger in the Adobe Ideas app on my iPad. I chose Ideas because it is fairly easy to use and more importantly, it creates vector objects. Once the glyphs were finalized, I imported them, in the second stage, into Adobe Illustrator in order to refine them and create different versions for the three weights, which were later imported into FontLab Studio for font creation.
    The advantage of having such a huge number of kerning pairs is that every possible pairing of the glyphs in the typeface is taken into account. Therefore, you can write a word in either all uppercase, all lowercase or even in a random, mixed case form and you will always get a neat visual representation of that word. This is shown below:
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    I love to see how people use Raggedways in their projects. So please feel free to email me if you have used the typeface in your project and would like to share it with me.