Thoughts form in various ways. They can be simple, intuitive, straightforward and certain. Thoughts, on the other hand, can be complicated and take a long series of reconsiderations before becoming strengthened, determined and firm. And there are, of course, always a few that jump around, cannot be settled, indecisive, inconclusive and just feel not right. Some thoughts are more susceptible, easily influenced and altered when challenged. While others are intact, formidable or incomprehensibly stubborn. Some thoughts are more sentimental than with reasons, vice versa. Through some courses, thoughts are built, shaped, organized and reshaped to become an opinion and into a belief.

    So, how do thoughts look like? I attempt to capture and visualize dynamic nature of evolving thoughts. Thoughts could be depicted in pure, complete forms near perfection. But, my thoughts are that they are less likely to be even or uniform. I delineate and form thoughts in skewed, rugged shapes with characteristics of porosity, thorns and multi-facets. To include features that may be contradictory and ironic, I form Thought Bubbles in organic shapes with repeating patterns constructed with plastic cable ties. While cable ties are artificial and mass produced, each of the organic forms is majestically original and distinct.
  • 7th Annual Governors Island Art Fair
    Location: Building 407B, 1st Floor, Colonels Row, Governors Island, NY

    Preview: September 4th, 2014
    Open every weekend in September 2014 (September 6th - 28th, 2014)

  • Dimension: Thought 1: 5 ft (L) x 5.4 ft (W) x 2 ft (H)
                       Thought 2: 4.6 ft (L) x 3.9 ft (W) x 2 ft (H)
                       Thought 3: 2.8 ft (L) x 2.8 ft (W) x 1.10 ft (H)
                       Thought 4: 2.6 ft (L) x 1.10 ft (W) x 1.3 ft (H)
                       Thought 5: 2.3 ft (L) x 1.4 ft (W) x 1.2 ft (H)
                       Thought 6: 2 ft (L) x 1.4 ft (W) x 1.3 ft (H)
                       Thought 7: 1.8 ft (L) x 1.6 ft (W) x 1.7 ft (H)
                       Thought 8: 1.6 ft (L) x 1.4 ft (W) x 1.3 ft (H)
    Medium: Cable Ties
    Year: 2014