TIMELAPSE Publicity (2014)

  • The Office of Diversity and Intercultural Development presents
    22nd Annual Benefit Fashion Show: TIMELAPSE
    As lead publicity designer for the 2014–15 Benefit Fashion Show, I was tasked with branding the show and creating publicity materials. I was inspired by the name of the show and photos of blurred car lights when creating a logo, which marked a departure from the aesthetics of past Diversity fashion shows with its bright red color, glowing appearance, and fanciful cursive face. The images below represent the first round of publicity for TIMELAPSE.
  • The photo I used for this poster (above) was taken during my line, GILDED, in UNMARKED: 21st Annual Benefit Fashion Show in April 2014.
    Design credit: Amadeus Guchhait
    Photo credit: Mandy Shen
    Model: Bryce Ramming
  • The photo for this poster (above) is from Molly Sydnor's line in the 21st Annual Benefit Fashion Show. Molly was both the director for TIMELAPSE and a featured designer in it.
    Design credit: Amadeus Guchhait
    Photo credit: Molly Sydnor
    Model: Nicole Bean, Sarah Deaner