The initial challenge of this project was in the selection of an object that was to be the central focus of the exhibition. No smaller than a loaf of bread, but no larger than a sedan, the selected object ideally had to provide strong opportunities for inspiring an interesting and engaging exhibition, both visually and mentally.
    The object I selected was a saddle. Perfectly fitting within the required size range, the saddle is a visually interesting and unique object with an extensive story over the course of history. After more research,
    however, I decided that the object of a saddle actually covered much more than the exhibition initially intended. You could quite literally fill an entire four story building with an exhibition on saddles. Therefore,
    I decided to direct my attention on a more specific focus within the saddle topic: the sidesaddle.
    With a rich history flecked with one-of-a-kind traditions, influences in current culture, and a unique niche
    in the modern equestrian world, the sidesaddle presented an ideal opportunity to create an intriguing
    and engaging exhibition.