Fork Veterinary Hospital

  • Growing up as the daughter of a veterinarian, all I wanted to do was follow in my father’s footsteps. Eventually, my creative ability prevailed over a pursuit of science, but my love for animals remains a large part of my life. In an effort to combine these two passions,
    I decided to breathe new life into my father’s veterinary practice. Nestled in Fork, Maryland, Fork Veterinary Hospital has specialized in companion animal health care since 1978. Despite serving its customers faithfully with the best veterinary medicine in a welcoming country clinic atmosphere, the practice has suffered from a lack of a consistent visual identity since its founding over thirty years ago.
    I hoped to rectify that problem by establishing an updated typemark and system of materials, including stationery and a website.
    The foundation of Fork Veterinary Hospital’s new identity stems from James Herriot’s collection of stories about life as a British country vet, which my father used to read to me as a child. Deriving inspiration from the elements of quality care, skill, and character that make Herriot’s memoirs so comforting and heartwarming, I hoped to reproduce those images in the professional presentation
    of my father’s practice.
  • Below are some images of the space and set up in which I presented my completed collection of work during the 2014 Senior Thesis Showcase at MICA.