Biodiagram : Facebook Activity

  • About Biodiagram : Facebook Activity
    Advising Instructor : Jennifer Cole Phillips
    This project was to design a diagram that illuminates one aspect of my life, according to a clear, conceptual and visual framework. As a frequent user of Facebook, I wanted to analyze my Facebook activity and the people that I interacted with during the month of August 2014. I gathered information based on my activity log and designated each activity according to its category, such as "liking someone's photo" or "commenting on someone's status.” I then recorded the exact time and date that each took place in order to display the items in a vertical timeline. Data analysis included a collection of the following information: my own post activity (status updates and photos, links, or videos posted), newly added friends, top 10 people I interacted most with, total friends I interacted with, friends’ locations, and my most active times on Facebook in August.
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