Knickers Branding

  • For our project entitled "Brandshift" for Advanced Design, we were to take an existing product and re-brand it in some way, whether it be a change in audience, or a change in strategy. I decided to take the idea of total customization and merge it with a lingerie line, and I call this new brand "Knickers." Knickers is an e-boutique that specializes in manufacturing custom-made undergarments. Patrons may upload their own artwork, have it printed on organic cotton, and shipped directly to their homes. Knickers appeals to non-artists too, as they can have text printed instead of imagery. It's a brand that's fun because the product is completely personalized, and appeals to those who are looking for an undergarment alternative that is a bit naughty without being overly provocative.

    Project advisor: Jennifer Cole Phillips
    Fall 2014
  • This is the evolution of the logo and color palette. Knickers went through a lot of changes in its lifetime, but showing this process is important at this stage.
  • In the beginning, I did a lot of type-pairing studies to find which typeface worked well for the brand that I wanted to create. I knew that I wanted something quirky, so I chose from families that I wouldn't normally use for more austere projects. On the left are some brainstorming for alternate names (in the beginning I wanted to choose a female name, but thought that would be too close to brands like Victoria's Secret or Olga). I also had a lot of fun coming up with funny taglines that I felt would complement the brand's identity.
  • I wanted the iconography to utilize line because I wanted a minimal look. I also wanted a hand-drawn feel, so I went ahead and drew them by hand. I kept the drawings fun and youthful.
  • In this first iteration, I chose a retro-inspired color palette. The logomark also took on a retro look for consistency.
  • First round of package designs. I wanted the front to have a cut-out of the heart/butt icon, so that people can see the undergarment contained inside.
  • The more I thought about the brand, the less sense it made for it to have a retro-feel. So, I went back to the drawing board, quite literally, and sketched some more ideas of what I wanted Knickers to look like. It just seemed to be missing the fun and playful side that I was originally hoping to capture. Below are some loose, sharpie sketches that speaks that playful language a bit better. Most of these went into the ipad app.
  • I also began thinking about an ipad app that would go along with the brand. Here are some notes I made, thinking about the workflow of a customer and how it should look and behave. There are definitely a lot of things to consider, and keeping notes helps me organize my thoughts and remember my intentions.
  • Since I basically started the deisgn over again, I once again played around with typography and looked for something bolder and simpler. Before I was getting caught up with more complicated patterns and colors. This time, I wanted the brand to be more straightforward, so the customer can focus on the actual product. I think that the pink and black combination was stronger because it was bolder, but still hinted at the youthfulness of my audience.
  • After deciding on the colors and typography, I went ahead and mocked up the box and wrote the copy which would convey the brand through descriptions and wordplay. It was fun trying to come up with butt puns!
  • With the previous iteration, I focussed a little too much on patterning. With this round of edits, I simplified the pattern so that it would remain consistent no matter which undergarment the customer designed. Having this pattern repeated solidified the brand, which was desirable.
  • Final shots of the packaging and tag.
  • Final workflow for ipad application.
  • Advisor: Jennifer Cole Phillips
    Design: Emily Tai
    Fall 2014