• FLIP BOOK : This was a GIF of a series of grumpy animal faces.
    (Image not available)
  • Above, Minimalism Movie Poster (LOTR).
  • Above, Part 1 and 2.
    This is for the Moving Painting assignment.
    One of the frames is from the painting "The Kiss"
  • http://apapalitskas.wix.com/cleanfreshbeauty
    This is the website that I made for our "Break the Internet" assignment.
  • Above. Photoshop Collage
    Collage made up of breakfast foods.
  • Above, Mr. Creep
    Paper Doll Assignment.
  • Above 2 audio files.
    This is for the Audio Remix Assignment.
  • Above, Stop Motion Assignment
    Cooking With Suzie.
  • Stock Market Assignment.
    Prezi on Stocks: https://prezi.com/af36jil0plpz/its-not-what-you-wantits-what-you-need/
  • Website For Positive Pyramid:  http://apapalitskas8.wix.com/positivepyramid