Running Record Watches

  • This project was developed for the Alter Ego project that Maryland Institute College of Art's Graphic Design MFA department has established as the introductory project for the first-year students. The concept of Alter Ego was first explored by Silas Munro as his degree project at NC State University. The GD MFA first year students had the opportunity to kick off this project with an intense workshop led by Silas Munro himself. My alter ego is described below:

    This top-tier competitive runner is obsessed with bettering her personal running times and is continually comparing and cross referencing her records – by the seconds – through her running career. This lead her to develop Record, an indexical watch/tracking mechanism that records and captures best times and translates them into beautiful, engraved tokens that may be swapped out of a modular wristband vessel as she continues to progress and beat her best times. These tokens may then be collected and displayed as personal trophies.
  • Token Case, Packaging, and Watch
  • Watch Packaging
  • The back of each token has the date and the event in which my alter ego ran the time engraved on the front.
  • Inside of the Token Case
  • 4:52 | Mile | February 9, 2013
  • The Leftover Trial Runs
  • The Lasercutter