Circuit Cities

  • About Circuit Cities
    Advising Instructor : Jennifer Cole Phillips
    Circuit Cities is a conceptual design project where we were asked to develop an alter ego that amplifies, undermines, or rediscovers an element of ourselves. My alter ego is Theodore Watson, a former computer engineer, currently works as an architect and urban planner. His years of working in the engineering industry inspired his vision to create fictional cities using his design knowledge of circuit boards. He is particularly interested in visually translating circuit boards between a 3-dimensional object and a 2-dimensional representation. With this in mind, Theodore designed a series of imaginary city plans and interactive 3D models that showcase the beauty of order, intricacy, and complexity of circuit boards.
    2015 ADAA Semifinalist in Exhibition Design
  • FLOORPLAN 1 : LYNX 1007HI365 
  • Interactive Demo
  • FLOORPLAN 2 : IMAC 820-1888-A
  • Interactive Demo
  • FLOORPLAN 3 : INTEL 496097-001
  • Interactive Demo
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