• Obscurity
    Mixed media, 50cmx65cm, 2014
    According to the dictionary, the definition of 'obscurity' is the quality of being difficult to understand. I simply applied the definition into my personal experiences. By recalling past memories, I came up with the moment when my friend showed an ambiguous attitude and noncommittal answer when I asked her to lend me something. I felt a big pressure on my chest and responsible since I can't put ideas into action immediately and I had to make a decision by myself. I turned the experience into an art piece by visualizing the emotion towards the word 'obscurity'. Based on the emotions, I felt I'm wearing a heavy invisible bag as I felt a lot of pressure toward obscure answers or attitude. I chose transparent acrylic panels to give a sense of invisibleness as emotions are abstract concepts that we can't really see. I filled in a bag with a black cage, sandbag, and chunks of charcoal. Charcoal represent easily breakable states or a mind without any firmness.
  • Obscurity#1
  • Obscurity#2