Between illusion and reality

  • Between illusion and reality
    I wonder what the boundary between reality and illusion is. What I see, feel and believe as the real nature is regarded as the 'reality'. However, who knows my reality is a haze of illusion only created by myself? Sometimes, people tend to avoid the truth and only listen what they want so they are often captured by an illusion. In this piece, I printed out the original photograph of the background, measured out 11 different sides of a polygonal sculpture and matched the resulting form with the original photos. By using free transformation on Photoshop, I changed the angles, perspectives, and gradients of photos on each different side so that they could be naturally harmonized when they were matched with the flat background. Even though it is so obvious that there are three dimensional sculptures in the side view, some people may not notice the sculptures in the front side since both two different sculptures and backgrounds are harmonized.