GCF Holiday Microsite

  • This year I was tasked with creating the holiday microsite for Greatest Creative Factor. The finished site follows the formation of a snowflake. We wanted a short microsite with some educational value presented in a fun graphic way. 
  • I took this project as an opportunity to explore some new techniques that I have picked up. The large snowflakes are coded and animated using HTML & CSS, the background snow is coded with Java, and the temperature and humidty graphics are animated SVGs. 
  • I love the way the site turned out. I learned a ton about snowflakes, code, and deisgn through the course of the project. I wish I had a little more time or talent to tweak the site for mobile use but those lucky visitors will just find a placeholder message till they can view it at a working size.
    It is quiet rare for a project to make it from the initial stages through completion without a shift in the design or functionality. This project is no different. I thought I'd also share an earlier build that uses a different approach to how the content is presented. You can find a link to that build below.
    **One disclamer this is from a save file before all the crossbrowser bugs were worked out. So please view it in Chrome. Alternate Version HERE.
    Thanks for the scroll.
    Check out the site HERE