• Scanned Self
    The assignment was to create an image that reflected who I am.
  • Digital Self 1/ 6
    The assignment was to create a character using images that are already on the internet.
  • Digital Self 2/6
  • Digital Self 3/6
  • Digital Self 4/6
  • Digital Self 5/6
  • Digital Self 6/6
  • Altered States
    The assignment was to show a Utopic or Dystopic setting. I chose Dystopic.
  • Working with a Series
    The assignment was to create a series of prints following a journey. For mine I followed my sister through the Towson Mall; took pictures on each floor of every store she went into.
  • What's the Message 1/2
    The assingment was to work with an image and text so that the two interacted with one another.
  • What's the Message 2/2
  • Time Based Media
    A stop motion video of two fans going to see their favorite band in concert.