Excerpt From Shut In

  • Shut In
    By Christina Hodson

    Mary is soaking in the tub, trying to absorb a moment of peace and quiet with her cup of tea beside her.

    She looks down at her wet limbs, admiring, critical, curious. Her arms are long and muscular from all the lifting.

    She leans back and closes her eyes. The tap drips quietly and the wind blows outside the bathroom window.

    There is a faint scratching noise somewhere within the house. 

    Mary opens her eyes, unafraid but listening.

    She hears it again. 

    It could be a mouse in the walls. Or a branch blowing against the side of the house. 

    She closes her eyes.

    Then she hears a different sound that makes her eyes flick open.

    A low drone that sounds like it could be a person moaning.

    Mary gets out of the bath and pulls on a bathrobe.