My World Project

  • Hi!

    This is a video game project for the world I created. I made a post-apocalyptic world, in which nuclear war destroyed most of the earth. Many scientists and engineers foresaw the aftermath radiation will kill the survivors of the war, and built the last city of mankind that blocks radiation. The society's culture became science and technology based because of its origin. The story begins few centuries after the citadel was completed.

    As population increased inside the limited space, people had to build a second floor. The main problem was that dwellers of the first floor couldn't get any sunlight from day to night. Naturally, price for housing on the second floor became expensive, and it eventually became exclusive for rich people. From then on, hierarchy between the first floor and the second floor began to intensify.

    The central pillar of the citadel became the only path that connects the floors, and security enhanced as rich people requested. People started calling it 'Stem' because most of life supports such as food and water got transported through the pillar, just like a plant.
  • This is a promotional key image for the game. The title is 'Stem'.

  • This character is a master blacksmith grandmother. She becomes a parental and inspirational figure for the protagonist.
    This character is the protagonist of the story. He is a young genius engineer. His speciality is to make creative machines that others can't think of. He was born as an orphan on the second floor. He was adopted, and everything seemed to be fine with his life. But for an unknown reason, he was mistaken as a first floor citizen and got deported. At the age of 11, his rough life began. But as time passed, he realized that the culture of the first floor was richer in its heart. His goal is to go to the second floor once again, and finds out what caused his deportation.
  • This is the protagonist's workshop. He collected TV monitors to play different videos on each screen for his inspiration.
  • This is a UI set for the game.
  • This is the world map for my world.