Shuttervaar - Winning entry @ Kyoorius Student awards

  • This was an entry as a part of the Illustration Brief for the Kyoorius Student Awards 2014 sponsored
    by L & K | Saatchi and Saatchi.

    The brief was to identify in the confines of your city anything you find ugly. It could be a surface like a wall or a street or an installation or even a building fascia…and create a design solution using illustrations to transform it into something beautiful. The solution can be an artwork, an installation, a mural, etc. anything that uses illustrations as the art form.
    The solution should be feasible to implement. The idea may also be actually implemented in the future as a public cause initiative by the sponsors.
  • • ADVERTISE : For the shop owners, with the permission of whom, different creatives can showcase their unique contextual artworks every Tuesday ( An official holiday for the whole market ) and other public holidays.
    • BEAUTIFY : For the many artists, who can volunteer their skills and time to be a part of a public space art movement that is both a means to interact and evolve, as well as a cultural statement.
    • DISSEMINATE : To the world, the idea and the potential of art to make a difference to the lives of all its
    receivers, to its surroundings and to the future.
  • “Kitchen NeedZ" is a home and kitchen utilities shop offering utensils, containers, kitchen items and household goods of various shapes and sizes.
  • To convey the warmth and cheer that the kitchen holds for any house, I came upwith a view of artfully decorated kitchen windows full of items sold at the shop for the shutter surface. The convenient height of the shutter and its horizontal grid proved helpful in translating the concept onto its relief. I used bright colours and patterns to make the artwork homely and inviting. The materials used were spray cans(for coating), chalk(for mapping) and acrylic paints.”
  • “This particular shop called The Watch House specialized in watch repair even though they have a wide array of clocks & watches for sale at their shop. 
  • Mr. Sharma the owner has an immaculate eye for detail and a soft corner for vintage clocks.Taking this ahead I tried to portray his personality and the nature of the shop through a detailed one colour artwork of a vintage clock with the name of the shop incorporated around the form.
  • The materials used were spray cans (for coating), chalk (for mapping) and acrylic paint (white being the dominant colour).
  • For this initiative we were awarded the Red elephant award in the kyoorius students award category for Illustration.