Camp Cryptids: Original Pitch Packet


    The show follows Lynn Fisher: a 17 year old girl with the unfortunate nickname “Gob-Lynn,” stemming from her consistently-green-dyed hair, somehow-naturally pointy ears, and fascination for the weird.

    Desperate for a summer job (to save up for a new professional camera to further her hobby/love for taking photos), Lynn tirelessly applies for every job imaginable, only to be rejected by every employer in her small town of Pinewick. When she finally receives a job offer from a mysterious “Ms. Foot” to work grueling hours at an overnight camp as a camp counselor, Lynn reluctantly agrees in hopes of free meals and pocket money… only to find out, “Ms. Foot” is BigFoot who hired Lynn (a human) for a well hidden summer camp, thats somehow not too far from her small town, for cryptid kids without even realizing it!
    With a cryptid nickname and somewhat otherworldly features, Lynn must keep her human-identity a secret!  With the help of Ms. Foot, who is the only one that knows of her true identity, Lynn must put up a cryptid-facade if she wants to keep her much-needed summer job and be one step closer to getting that camera!
    And if hiding her identity to make money means leading campers (ages 8-12) in daily activities, getting involved in crazy mysteries, singing really annoying camp tunes, and surviving the whole summer in the woods with these seemingly friendly bunch of monsters, then she’ll do it . . . and learn about accepting herself and others in the process.
    Character Descriptions!
    Character Turn-Arounds / Details!

  • ASA 
    Main Characters: Line-Up
    Secondary/Backcround Characters!
  • Majority of the "show"'s secondary and background characters would be a mix of cryptids that exist in legends, myths, folklores and more as well as some creative/inventive creatures that stand alone. 
  • COUNSELORS:  Besides Lynn, Asa, and Chewy there are a few other camp employees.  Some serve as ONLY counselors, like Asa, and others are ONLY activity leaders, like the Merman lifeguard & Dance+Drama Twins in the image above.  Then there are both counselors and activity leaders,  Lynn as camp photographer and Chewy in charge of Athletics.    
    The counselors are leaders to their own mix of campers during the day for activities and they are to wear a color coded bandana that corrisponds to the leader's color!
  • CAMPERS:  To keep the idea of diversity within the show, the campers are not seperated by gender when being assigned cabins/villages to sleep in at nightfall.  Because some cryptids are more androgynous than others the campers would most likely be grouped into different cabins based on their cryptid species....
    For example:  Bird/winged cryptids = treehouse type cabins,  sea/water based cryptids = lakefront cabins, bi-pedal/land cryptids = tree/land cabins and etc.
    Along with this incredibly long pitch packet, I created an animatic of a "filler" episode/short which can be viewed here!!
  • Notes
    This project is still in the process of growing and being fleshed out!  My ultimate goal for this project is to gain enough interest and popularity to the point it has the chance to become a television series for both children and adults to watch!  
    With the charm and spirit of summer camp as well as my enthusiasm for this world and diverse characters I hope to inspire people who would "watch" this!!  And that's all I could really ask for!