Explorations of Visual Journalism With Personal Context

  • Heads A Top the Train. Relief Linoleum Reduction Print. 11 in  x 17 in.
  • Conversations With the Urban Landscape. approx. 60in x 9in. Linoleum Block Reduction and Multi-Block Collage. This project is inspired by the people and places I sketch as I travel through Baltimore or as I go back home to New York. Adding  my own thoughts to the city’s dialogue further emphasizes how interwoven the daily proceedings of life are connected to my own experiences. The final print consists of 7 individual linoleum blocks, two for reductions and five used for the multiblock portions.
  • Conversations With The Urban Landscape. Center Close Up.
  • Conversations With The Urban Landscape. Right Close Up.
  • Conversations With The Urban Landscape. Left Close Up.
  • Sardine Can Package ReDesign. Individual Can: 4 in x6 in x1 in. For this assignmnt, I was tasked to recreate the standard sardine can with three cans that worked as a one cohesive package. I decided to pay homage to Portugal's city and fishing ports, since sardines are such an important part of their culture and economy. In my package are small images of sardines throughout this imagined city to show how connected and important sardines are to Portugal. 
  • Sardine Can Redesign Package. Stacked Cans Close Up.
  • Sardine Can Redesign Front Cover. Full Landscape View.
  • The Right to Record Police. Graphite on Paper and Colored in Photoshop Gif. Meant to accompany an article about protestor's rights to record police in reaction to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.