• Split Decision

    Custom lettering and illustration for frozen yogurt cup dividers – 2014
  • In the fall of 2013 I was approached by Wagner-Bartosch to develop artwork for their unique product. A Los Angeles-based company, Wagner-Bartosch noticed that the market of self-serve frozen yogurt shops had tremendous growth and was surging in popularity. They also identified an unaddressed need.

    A major contributor to the success of self-serve frozen yogurt are the choices that allow customers to build a unique treat – but choosing too many flavors and toppings can result in an unappetizing combination. Wagner-Bartosch was confident they could deliver a solution which would give customers the freedom to create daring froyo and topping combinations without compromising flavor – and while still maintaining a single serving size.
  • Enter the divider! – a food safe paperboard insert that perfectly divides a frozen yogurt cup. By dividing their cups into two separate compartments, customers now had twice the options in the same cup, and choices wouldn't stop there...

    To top off the frozen yogurt enhancing experience, Wagner-Bartosch wanted their product to display bright, playful, and attractive artwork that would excite, enthrall, and encourage customers to double their fun. That's where Super Rad Design stepped in.
  • The first divider we worked on was typography based. Wagner Bartosch was looking for a fun phrase executed in an engaging style. The result was "Split Decision". The phrase was a clever verbal twist on the function of the divider, and the custom script lettering was illustrated to resemble chocolate syrup topping. We threw a strawberry, M&Ms, and crossed spoons in there for balance and fun, and topped it all off with a cherry. To keep heads turning one side is yellow, and the other blue.
  • Our second divider was inspired by the incredible variety of toppings available to froyo fanatics. We overlaid helpings of decadent toppings with handfuls of healthy toppings to convey the contrast in topping options, and had fun with bursting and vibrant color combinations! We accomplished our goal of creating an eye-catching design that would grab customers attention from across the froyo shop with a divider that delivers a delicious, double-sided visual whammy.
  • Super Rad frozen yogurt dividers are now available for purchase from Wagner-Bartosch.

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