• Back side of the artwork (Interior)
    Icicle Dream
    Paper cut art installation artwork for a holiday season in 2014.
    Commission based art project for NY by Ghery in Manhattan, New York.
    5 1/2 ft x 16.7 ft
    Mixed media & hand cut on Paper
    8 Spruce st
    New York, NY
    Artist Statement
    In my recent papercut installation, I found motives from mundane object people can find in the winter times: icicles. I believe icicles reminds us of winter times and winter wonderland like in fairy tales. Through depicting icicle’s three­dimensional shape with curves in abstract forms, Icicle Dream invites viewers to their own version of whimsical winter world. I used both sides of the paper with different color to represent inside and outside world sensation to viewers. 
  • While working on the art work in my studio