A Troubled Mind

  • A Troubled Mind
    a short film
  • Synopsis: In a universe parallel to this one, two asteroids rotate around each other, locked in a binary gravitational pull.  The universe watches the asteroids.  They watch because the two asteroids are not ordinary.  The asteroids have eyes that can blink, mouths that can talk, ears that can hear, and somewhere deep within, a heart and mind that can think and feel.  The universe calls them Carina and Emiko. 
    Stuck in space, the two share memories, annoy each other, love each other, despise each other, and eventually come to realize they were once the same person during their life on Earth.  Doomed to exist in space together, will they be able to resolve their differences, come to terms with their mistakes, and become one again? 
    Presented in two formats.  The primary display format is a three-channel installation, the other a traditional format for theaters.  Released in May 2015.
  • A Troubled Mind, full theatrical version, 11:47, HD video with sound, May 2015
  • A Troubled Mind, 11:47, three channel HD video installation with surround sound, May 2015
  • Film still of animated star video