2015 Competitive Scholarship

  • Drawing Pthalo, 2014
    Acrylic paint
    Ripstock Nylon, Vynil, Rayon, and Various Found Fabric
    Using garment and body silhouette as a mark-making tool against the blue
  • Hold on, 2014
    Indigo, Cotton, Silk Organza, Nylon Spandex
    This project is a collection of garments, responding to the previous project on attraction to the form of shibori before opening up. 

  • Contained, 2014
    Acrylic Yarn, Machine Knitted, and Stiffened

  • Second Skin, 2014
    Hand Crochet, Spandex 
    This piece was made as a respond to the project above. It is playing with the relationship between the real human body and something that is a 'replica' of it.