Lucas : Approaching One

  • Lucas : Approaching One (2013)
    35 mm Black and White Ilford HP5 ISO400 film
    I wonder if children in this age of digital photography will ever get a chance to have their photographs taken using analog media. While the resources are still available to me, I feel that it's important for my nephew to have photographs of him made using this traditional medium so that when he grows up, I have something to talk to him about... Maybe one day, he'll learn how to use one of such cameras. That would be cool, no?
    "Lucas : Approaching One" are photographs of Lucas before his first birthday, when he was still "legally classified" as a baby. This bundle of joy has grown up so much that looking back at these photographs make me marvel at the wonders of growth. So much can change in such a short period of time and that makes each moment and each shot so precious...